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CASE STUDIES: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Please note: Case studies summarizing patientsí responses to care are intended for educational purposes only and do not imply a guarantee of benefit. Individual results may vary, depending upon several factors including age of the patient, severity of the condition, severity of the spinal injury, and duration of time the condition has been present.

Male, age 34, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

After working for 10 years as an engineer and spending most of his days on a computer, this 34-year-old male was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. His symptoms included pain, numbness and tingling, and muscle weakness in his right wrist and hand, and sharp pain in his neck and shoulders. Occasionally, his neck "locked up" and he could not move it due to pain. In addition, he tapped his right leg while working on the computer and experienced numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in his right thigh. Over the past 10 years, he tried many forms of health care with no success, including general chiropractic, wrist braces, anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, exercises, etc.

During this patient's initial examination, extreme weakness in his right hand was noted during grip strength testing and wrist extension. Right hip flexion also was weak. An upper neck injury was discovered during x-ray and thermographic examination. After the first upper cervical adjustment, the muscle strength in his wrist, hand, and thigh was 90% restored, and the numbness and tingling in both his hand and thigh were completely gone. Range of motion in his neck was greatly improved. After 1 month of care, he was pain-free and symptom-free, while still working on the computer 8 hours per day.

Male, Age 51, Arm Numbness, Asthma

This 51-year-old male fell while skiing. Afterwards, he experienced numbness in his left arm and hand. The arm and hand stayed constantly numb for three months before he sought help from upper cervical care. In addition, he experienced asthma and allergies since childhood and frequently used an inhaler for chest congestion.

During his upper cervical chiropractic examination, an upper neck injury was found. After the first upper cervical adjustment, the numbness in his arm decreased to an intermittent occurrence. One month later, the numbness was gone. He also noticed correction of an old injury in his left shoulder-- he no longer had pain there. Finally, the chest congestion reduced substantially. He claimed his allergy symptoms improved 80-85% since the beginning of care.


"I am writing to thank Dr. Elster for all the good work she's done on my neck. The tingling sensation in my arm that I got from my ski accident is almost completely gone and that is a big relief. Even more important for me, however, is that my allergies and exercise-induced asthma are much better. I had looked at Dr. Elster's literature before I went to see her, and understood the connection she made between spinal cord irritation and allergies. In my case, the connection seems to be very much there. My hay fever started to diminish within the first three weeks of neck adjustments, and continued to improve all summer. I've had less trouble with hay fever this summer than any summer since I moved to Colorado. The hay fever improvement is easy to notice, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that my other organs have been helped by this treatment as well. So, thank you for changing my life. " Brian, age 51, October '99

Female, Age 58, Neck Pain, Tingling from elbow to fingers, Headaches, Hip Pain

This 58-year-old female experienced neck pain, headaches, tingling from her left elbow down through her fingers, and right hip pain for 2 months before seeking help from upper cervical care. When discussing her medical history, she recalled two falls where she tripped while trail running several months before her symptoms started.

During her upper cervical chiropractic exam, an upper neck injury was found-- most likely stemming from one or both of her falls while running. After only 1 month of upper cervical care, all symptoms healed and have never returned.

Male, Age 58, Asthma, Shingles, Arm Tingling

This 58-year-old male suffered with asthma for the past 3 years. He used daily inhalers (4 puffs per day each of 2 inhalers for a total of 8 puffs per day) and still had difficulty breathing while running or frequent talking. He also had an outbreak of shingles on his torso and had been taking an anti-viral medication with no results. In addition, he had been experiencing tingling down his right arm into his hand, which he had attributed to computer work, for many years.

During his initial evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. After the first upper cervical adjustment, the sores on his torso began healing. Within two weeks, the lesions were gone. Also his arm tingling never occurred again after the start of upper cervical care. His use of asthma inhalers was reduced to 1 puff per day instead of 8. After several months of upper cervical care, his asthma medications were discontinued and he had no further asthma trouble.

Female, Age 40, Headaches, Neck Pain, Clavicle Pain, Numbness in Fingers

This 40-year-old female suffered with neck and clavicle pain and numbness in her 3rd and 4th fingers of her right hand for 6 months before seeking help from upper cervical care. Her right grip strength was weak and she complained of pain in her right elbow. Her neurologist gave her a possible diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) but gave no treatment options. She also suffered from headaches, approximately once per week.

During her evaluation, a neck injury was discovered. The neck injury possibly stemmed from two different auto accidents she experienced eight years prior. This patient's upper cervical spine was adjusted only three times and she had complete correction of her neck pain, clavicle pain, headaches, finger numbness, and grip weakness within two weeks of upper cervical care.

Male, Age 53, Neck, Arm, Leg Pain, Arm Tingling

This 53-year-old male suffered for many years from neck and upper back pain, tingling down his left arm into his left hand, and a painful and swollen left leg. His job required for him to work at a computer for many hours over the past 25 years. While this patient assumed that his computer work was to blame for his symptoms, he underwent an upper cervical exam. A neck injury was found so he began upper cervical care.

After only a few short weeks of care, his leg pain healed so he was able to resume long walks after work. Also, his arm tingling stopped and his neck pain healed. He was symptom-free in just a few short weeks after suffering with pain for many years.

Male, Age 25, Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness in Hands, Fatigue

After an auto-accident, this 25-year-old male experienced spinal pain, fatigue, restlessness, headaches, and numbness in both hands for 6 months. An evaluation revealed an injury in his upper neck, most likely caused by his accident.

After the first adjustment, his symptoms improved substantially. One month later, all of his symptoms were completely gone. Eighteen months later, his symptoms remained absent.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Elster for her outstanding chiropractic care. I had been suffering for 6 months from chronic fatigue, restlessness, numbness of fingers and hands, neck pain, and headaches after a car accident. Upon referral from my girlfriend, I decided to set all skepticism aside and visit Dr. Elster's office. Even though Dr. Elster noted my skepticism right away, she continued to explain the possibilities available for me. I do have to admit that I did not believe that her care would help to relieve my numerous symptoms. After she explained the reasons for my discomfort through x-rays, experience, and acquired knowledge, I agreed to treatment. The treatment itself was comfortable and I could see positive results within a short period of time. The only thing I still don't believe about Dr. Elster's treatment is that all of my symptoms had nearly disappeared within one week -- after only ONE adjustment! My only regret is that I did not seek Dr. Elster's help sooner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you very much, Dr. Elster!" Dennis, age 25, December '97

Female, Age 48, Numbness, Pain, and Tingling down Extremities

This 48-year-old female experienced neck pain, numbness and tingling down her arms and legs, and headaches, following an auto accident 10 years previously. An upper cervical chiropractic evaluation revealed an injury at the upper neck level that most likely was caused by her accident.

After the first adjustment, she reported that all of her tingling and numbness was absent. A few adjustments later, she was pain and symptom free. Her symptoms remained absent years later.

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