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Please note: Case studies summarizing patientsí responses to care are intended for educational purposes only and do not imply a guarantee of benefit. Individual results may vary, depending upon several factors including age of the patient, severity of the condition, severity of the spinal injury, and duration of time the condition has been present.

Male, Age 41, Headaches

This 41-year-old male suffered from headaches since childhood. The headaches became more frequent over the last five years since he started his own business. They occur everyday and he typically awakens with them. He has been using over the counter pain medications on a daily basis for the past two years.

During his initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. After initiating treatment, the headaches began to taper off. Within five months, he was headache-free.

Female, Age 17, Migraine Headaches

This 17-year-old female had been suffering from chronic, severe migraine headaches for the previous 4 years. The headaches started during her freshman year and caused her to miss 80 school days. By her junior year, she missed closed to two-thirds of the school year (120 days) due to headaches. During her senior year, the headaches were daily in that she awakened everyday with one and tried a dozen different medications. During her senior year, she sought help from upper cervical chiropractic care.

During her initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. She recalled experiencing a fall during her freshman year prior to the onset of her headaches. She described the fall as occuring on her icy porch where her feet slipped out from under her causing her to land on her head and tail bone.

After one month of upper cervical care, the severity and frequency of migraines began to decrease. By 6 months, all migraines were absent and all medications were discontinued.

Male, Age 33, Headaches, Vertigo, Blurred Vision, Neck Pain

This 33-year-old male was rear-ended in an auto accident 5 years prior to seeking help from upper cervical care. After the accident, he felt his neck stiffen up and he suddenly required glasses to read due to blurred vision. Prior to the accident, no visual problems were reported. Three years later, he reinjured his neck when his neck suddenly spasmed to the point that he could not turn his head. He began suffering from a number of new symptoms including headaches, dizziness, worsening of his visual acuity and increased blurring, pain shooting down his right arm, loss of balance and coordination, "cracking" sounds in his neck, muscle twitches in his left leg, pressure at the base of his skull, and pain between his shoulder blades.

During his upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered, which most likely stemmed from his auto accident. After the first upper cervical adjustment, he reported a substantial improvement in all of his symptoms. Within one month, all of his symptoms were greatly improved. By two months, all symptoms were absent, including the blurred vision and the need for glasses. After his neck stabilized, he reported feeling the best he had felt in 2 years!

Female, Age 21, Migraine Headaches, Dizzy spells, Depression

This 21-year-old female had been suffering from 3-6 migraines per week and approximately 3 dizzy spells per week for the previous few years. She also had been suffering from depression. She had fallen and suffered a concussion 5 years prior and felt as though her health had deteriorated since that fall.

During her initial evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered, which perhaps could have been caused by the fall that also caused the concussion. After the first upper cervical adjustment, she reported noticing her symptoms improve. Within a few months, all symptoms were absent and she was able to discontinue all medications.

Female, Age 14, Headaches, Weight Loss, Fevers, Backaches

This 14-year-old female was involved in two different accidents seven years prior and had suffered with numerous health problems since. At age 7, during the spring skiing season, she ran into a tree (without wearing a helmet) and sustained a concussion. During the fall of that same year, she fell off of the monkey bars and sustained another concussion. Following the second concussion, she began experiencing frequent headches. Eventually they worsened until they occurred constantly on a daily basis. Shortly thereafter, she experienced sudden unexplained weight loss where she lost 15 pounds. She also suffered from a constant fever for 40 straight days, which eventually lessened into occassional, unexplained fevers. In addition, she began having frequent back and hip pain, which prevented her from participating in sports she enjoyed. She also noticed her school work began to suffer where she previously had been an "A" student.

During her initial evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered, which was likely caused by one or both of the accidents that had also caused concussions. After the first upper cervical adjustment, she reported noticing her head and neck pain and her fever easing. After several weeks of care, she reported that her back and hip pain and her cognitive abilities were also improving. Within a few months, all symptoms were absent and she was able to participate fully in sports and school.

Male, Age 13, Migraine Headaches

This 13-year-old male suffered from severe migraine headaches for the past two years. His first migraine lasted seven straight weeks. Many of his migraines lasted days or weeks at a time without reprieve. Each time, he was taken to the emergency room but he didn't respond well to pain medications and was forced to suffer through the pain. At each migraine, he typically experienced visual changes, pain at the base of his skull causing him to be unable to turn his head, plus the migraine pain, and he would never know how many days or weeks the migraine might last.

During his initial examination, an upper neck injury was discovered. It was revealed that this boy was very active with a variety of sports including BMX biking, rollerblading, and skateboarding, and that he had suffered numerous falls on his head and neck, too many to count. After receiving upper cervical care, he never had another migraine.

Female, Age 11, Headaches

This 11-year-old female complained of chronic, daily headaches and neck pain for the past six months. She described her headaches as occurring mostly in the afternoon, although sometimes they occurred throughout the day. She took advil or tylenol daily.

When examined, an upper neck injury was discovered. She reported experiencing multiple falls on her head due to her practice of gymnastics for the previous 18 months, any one of which could have caused her upper neck injury. Within one month of upper cervical care, all headaches and neck pain were absent.

Male, Age 6, Chronic Sinus / Ear Infections, Bedwetting, Headaches, Growing Pains

This 6-year-old male was described by his mother as "always sick." Due to chronic ear infections, he had already undergone three sets of tubes, the first at age 3. He was continuously medicated with allergy medications, sinus medications, and antibiotics for infections and had surgery to remove his adenoids. His mother described him as requiring antibiotics almost every month during the winter. She reported that his lymph nodes throughout his body were always swollen. In addition to his chronic infections, he also suffered from neck pain, headaches, and "growing pains" in his knees and ankles. He also wet his bed every night.

During his initial evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. When questioned, his mother recalled two falls her son had suffered that preceded all of his health problems and could have caused his neck injury. At ten months, he fell down the stairs and at twelve months, he fell headfirst on hard tile. Within the first weeks of care, the boy did not report any headaches, growing pains, or neck pain and his nose, ears, and sinuses began clearing up. Several weeks later, his mother was amazed that he was not suffering from any infections and was not requiring any medications. Months later, he still had not had any infections and the bedwetting cleared up. All symptoms remained absent.

Male, Age 34, Severe Neck Pain, Headaches, Dizziness

This 34-year-old male was hit hard on the head by his garage door. One month later, he woke up with severe pain in his neck and base of his skull, headaches, and dizziness. He went to the emergency room and multiple tests were performed including MRI's, Xrays, and a spinal tap. He was told that his tests were normal and he was prescribed heavy doses of pain killers including vicadin, which did not alleviate his pain. After seeing a neurosurgeon, who told him there was nothing that could be done, he saw another neurologist, who prescribed more pain medications and steroid anti-inflammatories. His pain was rated as a 5 or 6 on the 1-10 scale daily and the pain medications weren't working. Finally, he took Imitrex, which lessened the pain somewhat, so he took one every morning and one every night. He eventually sought help from a naturopath who referred him for an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation.

At the time of his initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, he had suffered from daily neck pain, headaches, and dizziness for six straight weeks. During his evaluation, an injury in his upper neck was discovered, which had likely stemmed from the blow to the head by the garage door. Within a month of care, all of his pain, headaches, and dizziness were absent. Months later, his condition remained stable and no symptoms were reported.

Female, Age 37, Migraine Headaches

This 37-year-old female, who had never suffered from headaches previously, woke up one day with a migraine that continued non-stop for months. At the time of her initial evaluation, she had suffered continuously with a daily migraine for four straight months. She had tried numerous pain medications and other recommendations from her physicians to no avail. The pain was so severe and debilitating that she was forced to take disability leave from work.

After undergoing her initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered that was causing her headaches. She surmised that perhaps a new yoga pose had injured her neck because the headaches started shortly after a yoga class she had taken. Ten days after her first adjustment, she woke up for the first time in four months without a headache. Several weeks later, the headaches were completely absent and never returned. After her initial upper neck adjustment, she maintained her normal neck alignment and no further adjustments were needed.

Male, Age 34, Head Injury, Whiplash, Headaches, Sleep Disorder, Fatigue

This 34-year-old male suffered a head injury during an auto accident in which he was rear-ended at 50mph. He described severe pain in his neck and back and headaches that originated at the base of his skull and spread to his left eye. His pain was so severe that it prevented him from sleeping, so he suffered from severe fatigue. To maintain some level of function during the day, he relied on multiple caffeinated beverages such as jolt or bull colas and/or coffee. At the time of his initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation (14 months after the accident), he had been suffering with all of the above symptoms for over a year. He had sought help from numerous practitioners including physicians, neurologists, and therapists, to no avail. He reported receiving some temporary relief from Pilates.

During his evaluation, an upper cervical injury was discovered, which had likely been caused by his auto accident. After the first month of care, be began to notice less pain and a slightly better ability to sleep. By the third month of care, he was reporting a larger reduction in pain levels, which was enabling him to resume exercising. After six months, all pain was absent, normal sleep was resumed, and he was able to partcipate in all previous activities and sports, including working full-time.

Male, Age 32, Cluster Headaches


"I'd been suffering with cluster headaches for 13 years before I found Dr. Elster. Between the ages of 19 and 32, I went from having episodic to chronic cluster headaches. I saw and spoke with at least 50 different neurologists. They had me try all types of medication from oxygen to ergotamine to verapamil. None of it worked. Finally I was reduced to taking imitrex everyday. My headaches were debilitating. My quality of life was diminished to the point that I couldn't leave my house. After over a decade of such suffering, I was so depressed that I began to contemplate suicide. I could no longer live with the pain and torment my headaches gave me. And then, like a miracle, I found Dr. Elster on the internet. She performed upper cervical treatment on my upper cervical spine and I've been cluster headache free ever since!" Jeremy, June '03

Female, Age 57, Migraine Headaches

This 57-year-old female reported suffering with migraines for more than 4 decades at the time of her initial upper cervical evaluation. She described having her first migraine at age 13, with the migraines worsening after she had four children. She reported having a hysterectomy in order to help the migraines but no change in the headaches occurred after having the surgery. She had also tried numerous pain medications, alternative diets, food and allergy testing, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, and cranial sacral therapy. While some of the therapies helped temporarily, none ever rid of her migraines. At the time of her initial upper cervical evaluation, she described the migraines as occurring once every 10 to 14 days, and that she was currently using imitrix tablets and/or shots to help decrease the migraine pain once a migraine started.

During her initial upper cervical evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. She surmised the injury must have occurred sometime during her childhood (preceding the migraine onset) but could not recall any accidents. During the first few weeks of upper cervical care, she began to experience fewer headaches. At the end of the first month, she enjoyed 15 days without a single migraine-- the first time in many years. During the following several months, the headaches continued to lessen until absent at approximately six months.

Male, Age 55, Cluster Headaches

This 55-year-old male reported suffering with cluster headaches for the past five years. He experienced the typical symptoms including pain, watery eye, droopy face, and tooth pain, all on his left side. The cluster headaches occurred year-round, one intense cluster per night, with several other lesser clusters every night. He had tried several therapies including general chiropractic care, which had helped to lessen the cluster headaches somewhat. However, at the time of his initial upper cervical evaluation, he was still experiencing multiple cluster headaches per month. He described being able to push on his upper neck and make the headache worse.

During his initial upper cervical evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. After a single month of upper cervical care, all cluster headaches were absent.

Female, 22, Ovarian Cyst, Pelvic Pain, Migraine Headaches

This 22-year-old female suffered with migraine headaches since childhood, which worsened once she began menstruating. The migraines came most often at her period every month. She tried taking the birth control pill, which worsened the headaches and her moods, so she discontinued it. More recently, during the previous year, her doctors discovered an ovarian cyst, which was causing her tremendous pelvic pain, especially at each period.

During her initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. She recalled two different traumas, which could have caused the neck injury, both which preceded the migraine onset: a fall in which she landed on her face and an auto accident.

After initiating care, she began to noticing a lessening of her migraine headaches and her pelvic pain, especially around her period, which was usually the worst time. By the second month, she went through a menstrual cycle without migraines or pelvic pain. Six months later, all pain and migraines were completely absent.

Female, Age 27, Seizures, Headaches, Neck Pain

This 27-year-old female was involved in a motor vehicle accident, after which she was diagnosed with whiplash, concussion, and brain injury. Shortly after the accident, she developed headaches, seizures, and pain in her neck and was medicated for those symptoms for several years before seeking help from upper cervical care.

During her initial examination, an upper neck injury was discovered, probably stemming from the auto accident. Within three months of upper cervical care, all headaches, seizures, and pain were absent and all medications were discontinued.

Female, Age 19, Headaches, Insomnia, Fatigue, Fainting Spells

At age 15, this 19-year-old female was struck by several large waves while on vacation with her family. After the waves hit her and knocked her face-down against the ocean floor, she ran out of the water with severe pain in her neck and back. While she appeared to recover, when she returned home at the end of the vacation, she began having fainting spells, where she would wake up in strange locations, not knowing what had happened. One fainting spell occurred while she was driving her car, causing her to run a red light and get hit by a bus traveling the opposite direction. After this incident, she was no longer allowed to drive. In addition to the fainting spells, she also began suffering from headaches, which escalated into a constant, daily occurrence, as well as frequent insomnia, which lead to extreme fatigue.

After consulting with several local doctors and undergoing numerous tests, including an MRI, her physicians could not find anything wrong with her and could only conclude that she had migraines and possibly psychological problems. Not accepting this, this patient and her parents searched the internet for additional help and decided to undergo an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation.

During her evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered, which was likely caused by the trauma from the waves. Because this patient had traveled from a distance to undergo the evaluation, her family decided to have her stay in the area for 7 weeks to be treated. After her first upper cervical adjustment, the fainting stopped. By the second week of care, her headaches began to diminish. In addition, she began to sleep better and felt more energetic. At the end of seven weeks, all fainting, headaches, and insomnia were absent. She felt healthy, happy, and energetic.


"Dear Dr. Elster, After several weeks back at home, my daughter is still feeling well. She has not had any headaches or fainting and she feels happy and healthy. We had a party the week after she came home and all of her friends and family were excited to see her eyes so bright and full of energy. My wife and I want to thank you so much for what you did for her and for your enthusiasm and encouragement. We can hardly believe the changes in our daughter!" Ton, about his daughter, Sept '02

Male, Age 56, Headaches

This 56-year-old male was rearended on the freeway at 60 mph. The impact rendered him unconscious and he awakened in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, some broken ribs and bruises were found but no other injuries were reported. Some mild headaches occurred several days after the accident and then temporarily went away. A couple of months later, the headaches returned and occurred daily. After visiting his family physician and neurologist who did not have any suggestions, he was referred for an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation.

At his initial evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered that likely stemmed from the auto accident. During the first month of upper cervical care, the headaches diminished considerably. By the third month of care, all headaches were absent.

Male, Age 44, Cluster Headaches

This 44-year-old male suffered from cluster headaches every May-June for the past 20 years. The headache clusters occurred everyday and 5 headaches or more occurred during a single afternoon or evening. When the headache struck, he felt pain in his right forehead; his eyes watered; and his right nostril plugged. He had taken many medications over the years and some helped temporarily but the headaches continued.

During his initial chiropractic examination, an upper cervical injury was discovered. When questioned about past traumas to his head or neck, he relayed his history as a motorcross racer from age 18 to his early 20's. During his racing years, he sustained many falls and blows to his head. These traumas preceded the onset of his cluster headaches. He also remembered experiencing an auto accident 12 years prior and a concussion 5 years ago, each trauma causing the headaches to worsen.

At his initial treatment visit, he was in the middle of a cluster headache. Once the first adjustment was administered, the headache quickly subsided. After several more weeks of care to stabilize his neck injury, no further headaches occurred.

Female, Age 52, Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain, Whiplash, Head Injury

This 52-year-old female was involved in two auto accidents three years apart. The first accident (she was rearended) caused migraines, neck pain, and head injury symptoms, including insomnia, depression, memory loss, and inability to multi-task. These symptoms were worsened after her second auto accident in which she was also rearended. She tried multiple therapies including physical therapy, chiropractic care, cranial sacral therapy, as well as medications from her neurologist but she could hardly function due to severity of her cognitive symptoms and pain.

During her initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered that had not been addressed by her previous practitioners. After the first upper cervical correction, she noticed that her migraines lessened. After two weeks of care, she reported noticing she was "in a better mood, had more patience, and was less grumpy". By the second month of care, migraines were greatly reduced and many of her cognitive symptoms were noticeably better. She reported sleeping better, having better energy, having a clear head to go about her daily tasks, experiencing an improved mood, and noticing excellent concentration. By the end of four months of care, she routinely reported feeling "excellently" and had few migraines and few cognitive symptoms.

Female, Age 30, Head and Neck Pain

This 30-year-old female suffered a body surfing accident in which she landed hard in the sand on the right side of her face. The impact caused a black eye and immediately triggered headaches and pain at the base of her skull / upper neck region. The pain at the base of her skull awakened her at night. She also felt a decrease in her energy and claimed she just didn't feel very well.

During her initial upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an injury was discovered at her upper neck that likely stemmed from the body surfing impact. Once her head and neck alignment was properly corrected, all headaches, base of skull pain, and neck pain were absent.

Male, Age 12, Headaches

This 12-year-old male experienced his first headache at age 6. At that time, headaches occurred approximately twice per month. His mother took him to many doctors and tried different pain medications and therapies but nothing worked. By age 10, a severe episode of chronic headaches ensued-- he had a constant headache for three straight months causing him to withdraw from attending school. Instead he was home-schooled for 1 1/2 years due to headache pain. While the opinions of numerous headache specialists were sought, none had any answers for this patient. Eventually he was referred by a family friend for an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation.

At this boy's evaluation, it was reported that he had experienced headaches every other day for the past eighteen months. During his evaluation, an upper cervical injury was discovered. While his mother was questioned about any spinal traumas her son may have experienced in his past, she could not recall any, although he participated in numerous sports. The boy had recently been sent back to his regular school although he frequently stayed home due to headache pain.

During the first two weeks of care, the boy still missed 3 to 4 days of school each week because of headaches. By the third week of care, he was able to go to school everyday due to lessening of his headache pain. By the second month of care, headaches occurred only occassionally causing him to miss just a couple of days of school. By the third month of care, headaches rarely occurred so he was able to attend school regularly.

Female, Age 42, Cluster Headaches

This 42-year-old female suffered from cluster headaches since age 17. While the headaches were worse December through March, they occurred year-round. She tried pain medications, decongestants, and herbal remedies over the years, and some helped, but the headaches never went away. She typically experienced one cluster per day between 2 and 5 a.m. in which the right side of her face was affected; the right side of her nose drained; and the right eye teared. She also complained of a sore neck for 30 years since she was a teenager.

During her upper cervical chiropractic evaluation, an upper neck injury was discovered. While she had undergone plenty of chiropractic care in her past, the headaches persisted. When questioned about traumas in her past that could have caused the upper neck injury during her teenage years, she recalled multiple gymnastics falls.

Within six weeks of upper cervical care, all cluster headaches and neck pain were absent.

Female, Age 21, Headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This 21-year-old female suffered from daily headaches since highschool. She took so much excedrin over the past several years that she was concerned it was affecting her bowels. Her colon had begun bleeding and she also complained of cramping and constipation. In addition, she had lost 10 pounds without trying (she was already very thin to begin with but had lost her appetite) and had frequent unexplained bruises that appeared throughout her body. Her doctor diagnosed her with irritable bowel syndrome and recommended different headache medications that would be easier on her stomach. However, she had trouble with the medications (and the headaches) because they interfered with her ability to concentrate in her college classes.

Upon advice from a friend, she sought help from upper cervical chiropractic care. While an upper neck injury was discovered, she could not recall any accidents or traumas that could have caused the neck injury. After less than one month of upper cervical care, all bruises were absent; all bowel bleeding/cramping/constipation had stopped; and all headaches were absent. She stopped taking pain medications and regained her appetite.

Male, Age 27, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Headaches, Chronic Sinus Trouble

This 27-year-old male suffered from chronic sinus trouble since childhood. He continously felt congested; he couldn't breathe through his nose; he felt chronic pressure in his sinuses; and also suffered frequent infections that usually spread to his ears as well. He claimed salt water washes seemed to help somewhat but that the problem always returned. He also complained about his neck since grade school. He claimed he felt a continuous need to "crack" it and suffered from occassional torticollis episodes where his neck seized up and could not turn. In addition, he complained of poor digestive health for approximately the past 10 years. He thought the problem started while traveling overseas but no one could ever isolate a parsite or infection. He suffered from frequently diarrhea episodes, usually at least once per day. Certain foods definitely exacerbated the problem but diarrhea would continue no matter how bland of foods he ate. Finally, he suffered from approximately one headache per week for the past year prior to upper cervical care.

During his initial upper cervical chiropractic examination, an upper neck injury was discovered. When questioned about past traumas that could have caused his neck injury, he recalled a bad car accident as a child and another during high school in which he was flung against the dash board.

During the first month of upper cervical care, all symptoms gradually lessened. By month two, all symptoms were absent.

Female, Age 35, Migraine Headaches

This 35-year-old female suffered from migraines for 10 years. She was a professional figure skater and started experiencing headaches after wearing heavy costume headdresses during shows. After discussing her medical history, it was discovered that she had experienced multiple falls on the ice-- one severe one in which she suffered a concussion. Shortly after the concussion, the headaches started. Headaches began to occur on a daily basis with migraines occurring approximately twice per month. The migraines seemed to occur around her menstrual cycle. In addition she suffered frequent neck and back pain.

After suffering with headaches for 10 years, she sought help from upper cervical care. During her initial upper cervical exam, an upper neck injury was found-- most likely stemming from her fall on the ice in which she suffered the concussion. After only one month of upper cervical care, all headaches, migraines, neck and back pain were completely gone and have never returned.

Female, Age 46, Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain, Herniated Disc

This 46-year-old female suffered from migraine headaches for the past 5 years. She thought they started after she performed a headstand in yoga class because she felt compression in her neck and stiffness. The headaches began occurring every 2 weeks with nausea and vomiting. Often, she was bedridden for 2 days due to the nausea and pain. Three years after the headstand, an MRI indicated that she had herniated a disc in her lower neck (C7). She tried steroids, physical therapy, traction, and ultrasound, but the headaches and pain continued. She complained of constant neck pain, right arm weakness, and pain in her right shoulder.

During her upper cervical chiropractic examination, an upper neck injury was discovered. In addition to the headstand, this patient also recalled an auto accident at age 20 that could have caused her neck injury. During the accident, her car flipped and rolled down an embankment. After only one upper cervical adjustment, she never experienced neck pain, arm pain, or migraines again.

Male, Age 11, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, ADHD, Headaches

This 11-year-old male suffered with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Headaches for many years. He experienced constant muscular pain throughout his body and had trouble participating in sports or exercise due to pain and muscle spasms. He couldn't even wear a watch due to pain around his wrists. He frequently took hot baths or used a heating pad to relax his muscles. In addition, he was home-schooled due to frustration and difficulty in school. Headaches occurred twice per week, sometimes severe. His sleep was extremely irregular-- he usually awakened every few hours. Frequently he would be in bed for 13 hours and still wake up fatigued.

During this 11-year-old's upper cervical chiropractic exam, an upper neck injury was found. When questioning his mother about the boy's medical history, she recalled that he fell out of a grocery cart at age 3 months. After only 1 month of upper cervical care, all symptoms healed. He now participates in sports without pain, no longer has muscle spasms, all headaches are gone, school work has improved with less frustration and better attention span, he sleeps through the night and has energy upon awakening, and all fatigue is gone.

Female, Age 56, Neck Pain, Headaches, Chronic Fatigue

This 56-year-old female suffered from chronic neck pain, headaches, and fatigue for years. She thought the problems may have started sometime after an auto accident she experienced 14 years before. During the accident, she was hit head-on and totaled her car. The pain bothered her on and off for years-- sometimes on a daily basis and other times a month would go by without pain. She tried many practitioners such as massage therapists and chiropractors and received some relief but still the problem continued year after year. Finally, after struggling over a decade, she sought help from upper cervical chiropractic care.

During her upper cervical chiropractic exam, an upper neck injury was found, most likely stemming from her auto accident. Unfortunately the injury had never been addressed by any of her previous practitioners. After only 3 upper cervical adjustments, her neck injury was corrected. All neck pain, headaches, and fatigue healed and have never returned.

Female, Age 58, Neck Pain, Tingling from elbow to fingers, Headaches, Hip Pain

This 58-year-old female experienced neck pain, headaches, tingling from her left elbow down through her fingers, and right hip pain for 2 months before seeking help from upper cervical care. When discussing her medical history, she recalled two falls where she tripped while trail running several months before her symptoms started.

During her upper cervical chiropractic exam, an upper neck injury was found-- most likely stemming from one or both of her falls while running. After only 1 month of upper cervical care, all symptoms healed and have never returned.

Female, Age 48, Migraine Headaches

This 48-year-old female suffered from migraines since her 20's. They started with 1 or 2 a year and increased over the decades. By the time she sought help from upper cervical care, she was afflicted with migraines 3 weeks out of every 4. Only one week per month did she NOT have to worry about migraine headaches. Her neurologists had given her every pain medication possible with little or no success. In addition to migraine pain, she also suffered with numbness in her left arm and pain in her left hip for many years.

During the first six months of upper cervical care, the migraines gradually reduced from 15 or more per month down to five or less. By eight months, she experienced 1 or fewer migraines per month, and arm and hip pains were completely gone.

Female, Age 5, Asthma, Neck Pain, Headaches, Sinus Congestion

This 5-year-old female frequently complained of neck pain and headaches. She also had been suffering with severe asthma attacks for the past 3 years in which she was frequently taken to the emergency room. In addition, she explained that her nose was constantly plugged and that she had difficulty smelling. This child's neck injury possibly stemmed from the birth process, as her birth was difficult and premature.

One week after her first upper cervical adjustment, her mother reported that she began to sleep through the night without wheezing or coughing. The 5-year-old said she had not noticed any trouble with her neck or headaches and she demonstrated that she could now breathe through her nose. She was also able to discontinue asthma medications.

Female, Age 40, Headaches, Neck Pain, Clavicle Pain, Numbness in Fingers

This 40-year-old female suffered with neck and clavicle pain and numbness in her 3rd and 4th fingers of her right hand for the past 6 months. Her right grip strength was weak and she complained of pain in her right elbow. She also suffered from headaches approximately once per week. The neck injury possibly stemmed from two different auto accidents she experienced eight years prior.

This patient was adjusted only three times and had complete correction of her neck pain, clavicle pain, headaches, finger numbness, and grip weakness within two weeks of upper cervical care.

Female, Age 28, Headaches

This 28-year-old female had headaches since fifth grade. They occurred 3-5 times per week, causing her to take an average of 10 Advil per week. On a 1-10 pain scale, the headaches ranged between 3-8 with one "8" headache per week. Sometimes, she took as many as 5 pain pills in one day to try to decrease the pain.

Over several months of care, her headaches gradually decreased until they occurred only occasionally.

Female, Age 11, Headaches

This 11-year-old female experienced neck pain and headaches for approximately one year. The headaches occurred almost everyday and she took Advil 3-5 times per week for the past year. She saw many specialists who prescribed pain and sinus medications but the headaches continued.

During the first month of care, the headaches immediately dropped to only once per week, so she discontinued prescribed medications. Several months later, she was headache-free and no longer used Advil or other pain medications. She is currently being checked once per month to maintain good health.

Male, Age 50, Dizziness, Ear Congestion, Sinus Headaches

This 50-year-old male was involved in an auto accident in 1986. One year later, he experienced a stiff neck, fatigue, dizziness, ear congestion, and ringing in his ears. The symptoms came and went for the first three months. Finally they became constant, and were aggravated during flying. He tried many types of decongestants but the problems persisted. Medical doctors had no answers for him.

During the first two months of upper cervical care, the symptoms decreased dramatically. Several months later, he was symptom free, the first time in two years.

Female, Age 24, Headaches


"I had been experiencing headaches off and on for the past three years -- the type of headaches that would keep me up at night and make the day go very slow. I had tried several different methods to cure my sleepless nights, but nothing seemed to help. I had pretty much chalked up that uncomfortable ache as a part of life and didn't really ever expect it to go away. I was then introduced to Dr. Elster and her upper cervical specialty. I have had chiropractic adjustments in the past, but they were just temporary fixes. Needless to say, I was very skeptical of why this would be any different. Dr. Elster took the time to answer all of my questions and did a very thorough initial examination, including x-rays. After only a few months of treatments and return visits, I have been headache free for over two months now. Dr. Elster has made it possible for me to complete a day full of energy and get a good nights sleep." Tricia, age 24, July '99

Female, Age 23, Migraine Headaches, Dizzy Spells

Three years ago, this 23-year-old female fell down a flight of stairs. One month later, she started experiencing migraines and began having them regularly over the last three years. She also had neck pain for the past seven months that was most severe upon extension. In addition, over the last year, she had frequent dizzy spells that lasted for several seconds and caused her to bump into walls. She tried many drugs such as Prozac and pain medications and therapies such as biofeedback but nothing helped.

After two months of upper cervical care, she was free of migraines, dizziness, and neck pain.

Female, Age 24, Chronic Headaches, Neck Pain, Difficulty Sleeping

This 24-year-old suffered from daily headaches, neck pain, and difficulty sleeping for the past year. The headaches started at the base of her skull and shot up behind her eyes and down her upper back. The pain was severe enough that she often was kept awake at night, and as a result, she experienced fatigue. After upper cervical care, she was head and neck pain free. Also she slept through the night and reported a large increase in energy level.

Female, Age 8, Chronic Headaches, Neck Pain, Runny Nose, Ear Infections

This 8-year-old was chronically affected with daily headaches, daily neck pain, daily runny nose, and frequent ear infections. Her allergy / sinus symptoms had been present since birth. She also suffered with colic as a baby. During her initial exam, her neck and spine was extremely sore to the touch. Her mother described her behavior since birth as "irritable."

After the first adjustment, her headaches and neck pain were gone. By the second adjustment, the sinus and ear infections were also gone. She did not needed to be adjusted since and had no return of symptoms. Her mother reported her being "the healthiest she had ever been."

Female, Age 42, Migraine Headaches

This 42-year-old female suffered with migraines since high school. She remembered having about 2 migraines per year, until the late 80's after her 2 daughters were born when the migraines increased. During Fall '97, she had more migraines, about 1 per month, and started taking imitrix. In February '98, the migraines increased again to 3 in one week. The migraines typically involved a visual aura for 30 minutes before the pain started, and then pain, nausea, and vomiting, which caused her to be bedridden for a day.

She began upper cervical care in Feb. '98 and has not had a single migraine or headache of any kind since!

Female, Age 23, Endometriosis, Migraine Headaches


"When I began seeing Dr. Elster, I was suffering from 2 chronic problems: migraine headaches and endometriosis. I began having migraines when I was 7 years old. I tried prescription drugs, biofeedback, and massages. While all of these helped, nothing seemed to prevent the headaches from starting. I began to accept the fact that I would have a migraine about 2 or 3 times a month for the rest of my life. I also suffered from irregular, heavy, and painful periods since I was about 13 years old. Eventually I began taking birth control pills to ease some of the discomfort. That seemed to work until about 2 years ago when I began suffering from ovarian cysts, severe cramping, and endometriosis. On advice from my father, I began seeing Dr. Elster about 9 months ago. Her adjustments have helped decrease the frequency of my migraines and the pain of my endometriosis. Today, I rarely get even a headache, let alone a migraine. My periods are more regular and the pain from the endometriosis has been reduced by about 70%! Thanks Dr. Elster!" Kathryn, age 23, June '98

Female, Age 23, Migraine Headaches


"For years, I have dealt with having headaches on a daily basis. I have had severe migraines since I was in junior high school and have taken many strong medications for them and have gone through many tests. I have tried several different ways to get rid of them with no success-- drugs from a neurologist, acupuncture, herbs, and conventional chiropractors. I then found Dr. Elster. I am happy to say that I have been headache-free for 2 months now and hope to remain that way as long as I continue my care with her." Jami, age 23, April '98

Female, Age 28, Headaches, Essential/Familial Tremor, Anxiety

This 28-year-old experienced nervousness, tremors and anxiety attacks since childhood. She took medications for the last year and a half to calm her nerves and control the tremors. In addition, since taking up snowboarding 4 years ago and falling numerous times on her head, she experienced headaches, many of them escalating into migraines. During certain headaches, her left hand went numb. She took approximately 4 ibuprofen per week for headache pain.

After one month of care, the headaches, tremors and nervousness stopped and she discontinued all medication.


"I began having migraines during the last 5 years after crashes snowboarding. My massage therapist suggested that I visit Dr. Elster to help relieve the headaches that I had been treating with daily medication. Within 2 weeks, my symptoms began to lessen. Within a month, I was able to stop taking my medication. My migraines have stopped, and as an added bonus, a life-long condition of tremors has disappeared also! Thank you Dr. Elster!" Liz, age 28, March 1998

Male, Age 25, Post Auto-accident Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness in Hands, Fatigue

After an auto-accident last spring, this 25-year-old male experienced spinal pain, fatigue, restlessness, headaches, and numbness in his hands for the last 6 months. After the first adjustment, his symptoms improved substantially. One month later, he did not need to be adjusted again and all of his symptoms were completely gone. Eighteen months later, he had no return of symptoms.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Elster for her outstanding chiropractic care. I had been suffering for 6 months from chronic fatigue, restlessness, numbness of fingers and hands, neck pain, and headaches after a car accident. Upon referral from my girlfriend, I decided to set all skepticism aside and visit Dr. Elster's office. Even though Dr. Elster noted my skepticism right away, she continued to explain the possibilities available for me. I do have to admit that I did not believe that her care would help to relieve my numerous symptoms. After she explained the reasons for my discomfort through x-rays, experience, and acquired knowledge, I agreed to treatment. The treatment itself was comfortable and I could see positive results within a short period of time. The only thing I still don't believe about Dr. Elster's treatment is that all of my symptoms had nearly disappeared within one week -- after only ONE adjustment! My only regret is that I did not seek Dr. Elster's help sooner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you very much, Dr. Elster!" Dennis, age 25, December '97

Female, Age 44, Migraine Headaches

This 44-year-old female presented with migraine headaches. She suffered 2 migraines per month for the past 8 years- one at ovulation and one at menstruation. The migraines began at her daughter's birth and continued ever since. They usually lasted several days with such severe pain that she was bedridden and suffered nausea and vomiting. She tried many painkillers including oral medications and injections with no results. Most recently, she was out of work for a month due to repeated migraines and fatigue.

After 2 months of care, she was migraine-free and has been so for two years.


"I had migraine headaches for the past 10 years. They started during a difficult pregnancy. After my daughter was born, the migraines increased and became a predictable event every month around my menstrual cycle. I became violently ill with my young daughter watching. I tried every possible medication and suggestion physicians offered but the migraines increased to at least twice a month. I felt very helpless. This past February I lost over 3 weeks of work when one migraine rolled into the next. It was at this time that a good friend told me about Dr. Erin Elster's work. A series of x-rays, several adjustments, and Erin's encouragement were all it took to eliminate these debilitating headaches. It has been 4 months since I last had a migraine!!" Jennifer, age 44, September '97

Female, Age 16, Post Auto-Accident Spinal Pain, Headaches

This 16-year-old female was a high school track star until an auto accident last spring. Following the accident, she experienced neck pain, low back pain, and headaches. The pain hindered her performance in track. In addition, her performance in school was affected-- her grades dropped and she had trouble concentrating in school.

Within a week of care, her pain disappeared and she began running track better, winning races, and eventually won her team's most improved award. Her ability to concentrate in school also came back up and so did her grades.

Female, Age 28, Head Injury

While riding her bike, this 28-year-old female was hit by a motorcycle. She flew over her handlebars and landed on her head, causing a concussion. Her symptoms included dizziness, ringing in the ears, headaches, fatigue, nausea, spinal pain, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and loss of balance which all caused her to be out of work for the year prior to seeking help from upper cervical care. After several months of care, she returned to work due to increased ability to concentrate and increased energy and mental clarity. Her symptoms of dizziness and nausea were greatly reduced. Two years later, she occasionally has minor flare-ups but in general has the ability to exercise, work, balance family and friends, and lead a busy life.


"In March, 1996, I was traveling downhill on my bicycle when a motorcycle came shooting out of the alley in front of me. The impact launched me some 20-30 feet and I landed on my head. I was wearing a helmet, and was extremely fortunate to be alive, but I was unprepared for what having a head and neck injury meant. It was like jumping from the age of 26 to 86 in a split second. I walked in circles trying to remember what I was doing. Stairs were difficult; reading was extremely difficult; crossing the street was frightening; I had trouble finding words; I had trouble organizing written thoughts; grocery stores were a nightmare; noise and commotion was painful and brought on nausea. But the most difficult part was that I had no energy and pushing myself in any way made me extremely sick. Trying to work a 40-hour week brought on symptoms. By Tuesday afternoon, I would feel so nauseous and my head would hurt so severely that all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and hide from the world. Any sort of exercise made me nauseous, faint, and unsteady. Where I had always been able to overcome any obstacle, I was running into a brick wall. Of course, colleagues and those medical personnel unfamiliar with head injury all believed that I could get better if I wanted to, that this was all psychosomatic. But I had a sense that circulation or something was being blocked, so I kept looking for someone who could help. I first saw Dr. Elster in June '97. My x-rays showed that my top vertebra was out of alignment. Having it adjusted made all the difference-- and my last adjustment held for 2 months. I am myself again. Exercise feels like it used to-- it brings me energy rather than draining it. I can balance career and home, and go to a restaurant, and see friends, all in the same week. I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to say this." Tania, age 28, November '97

Female, Age 37, Insomnia, Headaches

This 37-year-old female presented with insomnia and headaches since an auto accident 2 years ago. When she tried to sleep at night, it usually took her 4-5 hours to fall asleep even though she was exhausted all day. When she tried to take naps, she could never fall asleep. She also had been plagued with headaches since the accident that involved pain near her ears and cheeks and occasionally caused nausea.

After 1 month of care, she fell asleep within a half-hour when she went to bed at night and slept through the night. She also took naps but eventually did not find them necessary because she was no longer exhausted and fatigued during the day. In addition, the headaches were gone.

Male, Age 48, Migraine Headaches

This 48-year-old male suffered from migraine headaches for the past 10 years but regularily for the past 4 years. They occurred one time per month; for one day; rating a 6 on a 1-10 pain scale; accompanied by sensitivity to light. He reported they occurred more often on the left side of his head and were associated with tight shoulders and shooting pain up his neck. He tried many medications including imitrex and excedrin; had eliminated caffeine and chocolate; and had made some lifestyle changes. While some of his efforts helped, the headaches still occurred every month like clockwork.

During his initial upper cervical chiropractic examination, an upper neck injury was discovered. He recalled two major accidents which could have caused his neck injury: a fall out of a truck in which he landed on his face and broke his nose and a motor cycle accident in which he flew over his handlebars and landed on his head.

After his initial upper cervical adjustment, his first month went by without a migraine. Only a dull headache occurred at the typical time. The second month, no headaches occurred. Many months later, the migraines never returned.

Female, Age 36, Head Pains

This 36-year-old female suffered from intermittent, sharp pains in her head for the past 5-6 years. The "head pains" started in the back of her head, shot to the front, lasted for 5 seconds each time, and occurred 6-7 times per day. When the pain struck, she had to stop whatever she was doing (whether she was talking to people, working, or exercising) in order to put her head down until the pain subsided. She also reported experiencing trouble with her neck in which it frequently "locked up" and wouldn't turn to the left for the past 6-8 years.

During her initial examination, an upper neck injury was discovered. She recalled an a rollover auto accident many years ago that could have caused her neck injury. After her first upper cervical adjustment, the head pains reduced to only 2 per day. One month later, head pains rarely occurred. Several months later, all head pains were absent.



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