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Dear Doctors: The results detailed on this web site have been produced using IUCCA upper cervical chiropractic protocol that includes the specific use of infrared thermography and laser-aligned radiography. Whether these results may be reproducible utilizing other chiropractic techniques, with or without the aforementioned technologies, requires research. I encourage all Doctors of Chiropractic to publish their research using their chiropractic techniques and technologies in order to expand the chiropractic knowledge base and to benefit the profession. The materials on this website are protected by copyright laws and therefore may not be copied, reproduced, modified or distributed without the prior written consent of Erin Elster, D.C.

For additional information on this upper cervical procedure or to become trained in the procedure (Applied Upper Cervical Biomechanics Program), please contact Drs. William Amalu and Louis Tiscareno of the International Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (IUCCA) at 650-361-8908 or www.pacificchiro.com.

For information on the Tytron C-3000 Paraspinal Digital Infrared Thermographic Scanner, please contact Roger Titone of Titronics R&D at 1-800-705-2307 or www.titronics.com.

For information on the laser-aligned upper cervical x-ray equipment, please contact Leland Huffacher of American X-ray Corp. at 1-800-561-6509 or www.amxray.com.



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