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A Dutch Patient's Experience

Letter from Rozemarijn in't Veld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"I'm Rozemarijn in 't Veld from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. About five years ago, I was knocked to the ground by a series of large waves, while on vacation in the beautiful Seychelles.

Since then, I experienced severe headaches and fainting spells every day. I was 15 years old at the time, and I was almost unable to go to school or live a normal childhood. I also had trouble with insomnia and fatigue.

After a series of medical tests, the doctors decided I had either migraines or psychological problems. Because my parents and I did not accept this, we started searching for other forms of medical treatment.


Dr. Elster explains the X-Ray films to the in't Velds.

Dr. Elster performs a computerized infrared scan.

That's how we ended up at a local chiropractor in the Netherlands who located the problem in my neck. After years of treatment by that chiropractor, my symptoms improved somewhat but were still debilitating.

So we started searching the internet for international doctors who might have more experience treating patients with similar problems. That's how we found Dr. Erin Elster. Her web site looked very professional and her information sounded promising to us.


After discussing the situation with Dr. Elster, my parents and I decided to travel to Boulder for a period of seven weeks. During my initial evaluation with Dr. Elster, I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. She is a very sweet woman, who could give me more answers to my problem than any doctor in The Netherlands ever did.

After my first adjustment, I stopped fainting. After two weeks of care, my headaches diminished and I felt more energetic each day.

Dr. Elster reviews the results of Rozemarijn's scan.

After seven weeks, my headaches disappeared, and I still had not fainted once during the entire period. I feel healthy, energetic and happy. Amsterdam might seem very far away, but it's definitely worth making the trip."



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