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Chiropractic and Upper Cervical Care Resources
#1 Back Pain Site - Info about Conditions, Therapies, Exercises, and Doctors who Treat Back Pain. - Your Source for Bursitis information and Treatment
- At it is our goal to give readers an accurate
source to research information that we believe will help educate them on Bursitis and treatment options.

  IUCCA - The International Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research - publishers of Dr. Elster's research - Your Source for Tendonitis Information and
Treatment Options
- Are You suffering from Tendonitis? offers information and treatment options about tendonitis, tendonitis treatment, tendonitis symptoms, tendonitis relief, tendonitis pain and more.
The World Chiropractic Alliance - praise for Dr. Elster, 2001 Researcher of the Year
Today's Chiropractic Magazine - publishers of Dr. Elster's research
UpCspine - This site, created by a patient, is dedicated to letting the World know about the amazing benefits of specific upper cervical chiropractic - it's time we patients were told about it!