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IUCCA Upper Cervical Care

Chiropractic care in general seeks to eliminate nerve irritation created by a spinal misalignment in order to restore the nervous system's ability to properly control the body's functions and achieve good health. However, there are many different chiropractic techniques and substantial differences exist between techniques in terms of training required to perform the technique; diagnostic tests and procedures utilized in the technique; and the results that can predictably be achieved by the technique.

All of the research, publications, patient case studies, and results detailed on this website have been produced by Dr. Elster utilizing a specific technique: Upper Cervical Chiropractic care, as performed in accordance with the guidelines of the International Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (IUCCA).

The IUCCA upper cervical specialty requires postgraduate training and uses new advancements in technology, Laser-aligned Radiography and Digital Infrared Imaging, to analyze and correct misalignments of the upper cervical spine in order to stimulate healing of a wide variety of health problems. The use of this innovative technology has increased the predictability of results as well as the number of health problems that respond to this specific form of upper cervical care.

Currently, very few IUCCA-trained upper cervical specialists exist in the USA or worldwide. For additional information on the IUCCA, for a list of IUCCA-trained practitioners, or to become trained as an IUCCA Upper Cervical Specialist, please contact the IUCCA at (650) 361-8908 or www.pacificchiro.com.


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